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  • Are you feeling stressed, anxious and run down?
  • Have you been trying to conceive for some time and feel you're running out of options?
  • Are you looking for a natural approach to support your health and wellbeing?

For the past 10 years, I have supported clients with reflexology for a wide range of issues. With a passion for women's health, I've spent the past decade specialising in Fertility, Maternity and Hormonal health. Through the supportive therapies I offer, I can lift away the stress and help to hand you back control of your health and wellbeing.


Alongside my treatments, I offer a variety of support through self care advice, charting tools, visualisations and not forgetting, a listening ear! As a full member of the Association of Reflexologists, I work to the highest standards and a professional code of practice.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey.


How I can help you...



Are you looking for a natural support for conception? Have you been trying to conceive a baby for some time? Are you preparing to undergo assisted fertility treatment?

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Do you want to help to create the healthiest environment for your baby? Do you want to prevent and find relief from the symptoms of pregnancy? Are you looking for safe, natural support during this exciting yet daunting time of your life?

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Women's Health

Are stress and anxiety taking control of your day to day life? Are menopausal symptoms causing you stress? Do you feel you need a health boost and are looking for a natural way to rebalance your body? Are you craving some much needed 'me time'?

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I met Sarah following my miscarriage in late 2011 and was really feeling at rock bottom. The reflexology helped calm me and relax me whilst Sarah's knowledge and sympathetic understanding of the highs and lows of fertility were an amazing support. This kind of holistic care has done me the world of good and I'm pleased to say that I'm sitting here 15 weeks pregnant!



I suffer with insomnia and anxiety, and even from just talking to Sarah I find her positive and understanding outlook helps. I always get a good night's sleep!



'Hi Sarah, I actually went into early labour almost as soon as you left last Wednesday! Unreal! Thank you so much for a great treatment'.



The Stepping Stones treatment cabin provides a calm and warm environment for you to have your treatment. I really would recommend reflexology to anyone. Thank you Sarah!



My twelve year old daughter Maddy loved her treatment, she said she didn't fall asleep, but felt so relaxed she was asleep with her ears open, which I thought was a lovely way to describe her deep relaxation. My ten year old son has severe Autism and constantly on the go. Half an hour treatment with Sarah saw him restful and happy. Sarah was patient and understanding. I would definitely recommend reflexology with Sarah for all children.



I always look forward to my Reflexology with Sarah, my pregnancy sickness has eased and my sleep has really improved since my first visit. The cabin is always peaceful and cosy, and its always the most relaxing hour of my week by far!


Dobbs Weir

Sarah has a lovely, calming nature and the log cabin treatment room itself has a calming effect. I leave feeling totally relaxed.



I found having treatments with Sarah throughout my pregnancy was not only relaxing but also a great time to bond with my bump! Since having my baby, Sarah has treated her as she suffered with terrible constipation and colic. She is a fidgety baby but would instantly relax whenever Sarah held her feet!


Church Langley

My treatments with Sarah in the warm and inviting log cabin have not only been a relaxing and enjoyable experience but have really benefited my health, particularly throughout the later stages of my pregnancy.


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