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Baby Steps Reflexology

  • Is your baby suffering from colic, constipation or having trouble settling?
  • Are you looking for a relaxing way to bond with your new baby?
  • Would you like to learn some simple techniques to soothe your baby at home?

Reflexology is safe & soothing from the day your baby is born. In fact, babies often respond much quicker to treatment. Stepping Stones with Sarah offers gentle, calming reflexology sessions for babies and children of all ages. Sarah will carry out a consultation at the first appointment to establish what issues may be affecting your baby and she will then explain how reflexology may bring relief. Due to the fast response and sensitive nature of young children, treatments will last 15-20 minutes. Book a Baby Steps treatment with Sarah today


Or maybe you're looking for a relaxing way to bond with your new baby? Maybe you would like to have the skills to use reflexology to soothe your baby at home? Or even in the supermarket?! Sarah offers private tuition for new parents, demonstrating simple and effective reflexology techniques for you to use whenever you need. Reflexology is ideal for anytime and anywhere as it requires no removal of clothing or special oils - all you need is access to your babies feet! Sarah can provide tuition to you in your own home or in her treatment room. You can even arrange a group of parents and babies to get together to learn this new skill. Or maybe a grandparent would also like to learn this calming technique?

An hour's private session will cost just £25

Or how about a group session which is both fun and cost effective. Why not get together with friends? Group sessions are just £20 per person lasting 40 minutes.

Ask Sarah today for further details

Since having my baby, Sarah has treated my baby as she suffered with terrible constipation and colic. She is a fidgety baby but would instantly relax whenever Sarah held her feet!


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