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Another negative pregnancy test? I’m here to support you with infertility

1 in 8 couples is currently suffering with infertility issues.

Another negative pregnancy test, another friend making a pregnancy annoucement, more invasive tests, wondering what is wrong. These are just some of the daily struggles when faced with infertility.

You may have been trying to conceive naturally for months or years now. You may be about to begin or in the middle of assisted fertility treatment such as IUI, ICSI or IVF. You may have just suffered a devastating miscarriage. You may be suffering with secondary infertility. Diagnosed with PCOS and Endometriosis? Whatever your situation is, I am here to support you during this emotional and challenging time.

So, what would happen if you came to see me?

Firstly, I always begin my support for fertility clients with a detailed consultation session. Don’t let this scare you! This is very much a gentle and supportive conversation where you can share your journey with me so far in a safe, healing space. We will go through:

  • Your medical history.
  • Tests you and your partner have already been through and the results received.
  • Any medication or fertility drugs that you are currently taking.
  • Your menstrual cycle and discuss how we can track this going forward.
  • If you are undergoing assisted fertility treatment, we will discuss how treatments will be tailored for each stage of the treatment process.
  • Lifestyle factors including job, diet and stress levels.

This consultation time is your time to share with me how you are feeling. Fertility investigations are so often clinical and impersonal. I make sure that my support to you is personal and nurturing every step of the way.

Secondly, we will look at how you can take back some control. This is so important when you are going through a time in your life where so much is out of your control. I will teach you:

  • How to track your menstrual cycle, the clues this gives us, and the tools to do this.
  • How to do simple hand reflexology routines at home that will relax you and further enhance your treatments.
  • Self care tips – such as diet and supplement advice, visualisations, EFT Tapping and day to day fertility stress management.

Lastly, and by no means least, I will put you into deep relaxation through a specialised fertility reflexology treatment. This is your time to relax in a safe, healing space and switch off from the relentless stress of your fertility journey. Through stimulating reflex points on your feet with a gentle and precise pressure, I will support your body in it’s own natural healing process, preparing the body for conception. Each treatment will be tailored to the stage of your menstrual cycle or fertility treatment. When you leave, you will be feeling calm and back in control of your wellbeing.

Infertility can be such a lonely place. For you and your partner. I can provide advice and treatments for you both.

If you would like me to support you on your fertility journey, please contact me at or on 07515 834285.

“This kind of holistic care has done me the world of good and I’m pleased to say that I’m sitting here 15 weeks pregnant!” NB

“I had regular treatments with Sarah when trying to conceive my first child. Sarah’s log cabin became a regular retreat for me and gave me some much needed relaxation time! Reflexology was more than just a treatment, Sarah offered advice and a listening ear which was just as valuable. She is extremely knowledgable, friendly, makes you feel instantly at ease and is a real support to her clients. I continued with Sarah during my pregnancy (up to 2 days before going into labour!). I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough.” LJ

For further information on infertility, you can find resources at fertilitynetworkuk

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